TOPICS > Science > Grades 3-4-5

1. Plants and Animals: The Diversity of Life
- Types of Plants and Animals
- Life Cycles, Habitats, and Adaptations

2. States of Matter: Solids, Liquids, and Gases
- Exploring the States of Matter
- Changes in Matter's State

3. Earth and Space: Our Place in the Universe
- Earth's Rotation and Its Effects
- Seasons, Day and Night, Moon, and Stars

4. Weather and Seasons: Understanding Climate
- Different Weather Conditions
- Seasons and Their Cycles

5. Human Body: Investigating Our Anatomy
- Organs and Their Functions
- Healthy Habits for Our Bodies

6. Simple Machines: Tools that Make Work Easier
- Exploring Simple Machines
- Levers, Pulleys, Wheels, and Inclined Planes

7. Sound and Light: The World of Senses
- Production and Travel of Sound
- Basic Properties of Light

8. Environmental Awareness: Protecting Our Planet
- Understanding the Importance of Environmental Conservation
- The Role of Recycling and Resource Conservation

9. Scientific Inquiry: Discovering Through Experiments
- Introduction to the Scientific Method
- Conducting Simple Experiments

10. Matter and Its Properties: Mass, Volume, Density
- Understanding Matter's Characteristics
- Measurement of Mass, Volume, and Density

11. Basic Chemistry: Elements, Compounds, and Reactions
- Introduction to Elements and Compounds
- Basic Chemical Reactions

12. Force and Motion: The Science of Movement
- Concepts Related to Forces
- How Objects Move and Change Position

13. Observations and Patterns: Noticing Nature's Clues
- Developing Observation Skills
- Recognizing Patterns in Nature

14. Astronomy: Exploring the Night Sky
- Basic Concepts About Planets and Celestial Bodies
- Our Solar System and the Exciting World of Space Exploration

15. Electricity and Circuits: The Path of Electrical Energy
- Principles of Electricity
- Building and Exploring Simple Circuits