Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is the NEO Science Olympiad primarily a project competition, or is it just a question and answer-based traditional science olympiad?
    The NEO Science Olympiad is not a project Olympiad. This means that you do not need to prepare any projects with your group or students.
    It is also not an Olympiad with a written exam containing specific and difficult questions. There are no specific projects or specific topics that need to be studied or prepared for the Olympiad.

  2. Is there elimination in order to participate in the Olympiad? Is there an exam in our school or in our country we have to do for the students before we can participate in the program in the program?
    There are no pre-qualifications or exams to participate in the NEO Science Olympiad. All students and teachers interested in science are invited. Students who have participated in the NEO Science Olympiad Online Exams have priority to participate in the NEO Science Grand Final.

  3. Should only highly intelligent or Olympiad students participate in this event?
    No, on the contrary, it is an organization that motivates students who are interested in science at all levels and increases their interest and desire towards science. All students and teachers interested in science are invited.

  4. Is there an exam or assessment during the experiments and practices at the Science Center?
    No, there are no exams or assessments in the experiments and practices they will attend in the Science Centers. What needs to be done during these practices is to freely test the experiments with the group and the teacher as much as they want, and read the explanations of the experiment, if any, and evaluate the issue among them. This hands-on approach is crucial since there will be questions related to the experiments they conduct, creating a more interactive and engaging learning experience.

  5. Is there a limit on the number of participants? Is there a quota by country?
    NEO GF quota: 400 students + 50 teachers
    The maximum number of participants accepted from each country is 48 students + 6 teachers. Groups on the waiting list will be invited if there is still availability in the general quota. After teachers complete their groups, they can SUBMIT them via the GF application platform. Groups cannot be edited or added after the application has been submitted.