TOPICS ​> Mathematics Grades > 3-4-5

1. Number Sense: Understanding Numbers
- Introduction to Numbers and Place Value
- Addition and Subtraction within 100
- Skip Counting Strategies

2. Patterns and Sequences: Recognizing Mathematical Patterns
- Identifying and Extending Number Patterns
- Recognizing 3D Solids and Their Properties

3. Basic Operations: Arithmetic Skills Development
- Multiplication and Division Basics
- Word Problems with Addition, Subtraction, and Multiplication

4. Number Sense and Operations: Building Math Skills
- Multi-digit Addition and Subtraction
- Understanding Place Value (Thousands and Beyond)

5. Fractions and Decimals: Working with Fractions and Decimals
- Comparing, Ordering, Adding, and Subtracting Fractions and Decimals
- Converting Between Fractions and Decimals

6. Measurement: Exploring Length and Time
- Measuring Length with Various Units
- Telling Time on Analog and Digital Clocks

7. Geometry: Identifying 2D Shapes and Their Characteristics
- Classifying 2D Shapes and Recognizing Their Attributes
- Geometric Transformations

8. Measurement: Extending Measurement Concepts
- Measuring Length, Weight, Capacity, and Volume with Standard Units
- Unit Conversions

9. Data and Graphs: Organizing and Interpreting Information
- Reading Pictographs and Bar Graphs
- Interpreting Complex Bar Graphs, Line Plots, and Line Graphs

10. Word Problems and Real-Life Applications: Problem Solving Skills
- Multistep Word Problems Involving All Four Operations
- Applying Math to Real-Life Situations

11. Probability and Statistics: Analysing Data
- Introduction to Probability
- Data Analysis and Interpretation

12. Algebraic Concepts: Introduction to Algebra
- Introduction to Variables and Expressions
- Solving Simple Algebraic Equations

13. Geometry: Spatial Visualisation
- Understanding Perimeter, Area, and Volume
- Geometric Patterns and Symmetry

14. Problem Solving Strategies
- Strategies for Approaching Complex Problems
- Using Diagrams and Models for Problem Solving

15. Mathematical Reasoning and Logic
- Critical Thinking in Mathematics
- Logical Problem Solving
- Maths Puzzles and Challenges